Holiday Lush Bath Time

Everyone that knows me understands that I have an obsession for baths. A couple years ago I heard about these so called ‘bath bombs’ and I knew I had to get my hands on one. Bath bombs are one product among an array of vegetarian/handmade bath products at Lush.

One of my favorite things to do is go to Lush and take time to carefully pick each bath bomb out. I then go home and arrange them in the glass bowl you see above. They fill my bathroom up with delicious scents that both my husband and I adore.

My last Lush trip was very special because they had out all their holiday goodies. I picked up five bath bombs that no only are super cute, but smell incredible.


This present looking one is called Golden Wonder . When you shake it you can hear something rolling around inside–which immediately drew me in. Golden Wonder is said to have cognac and zesty lime oils with sweet orange oil. I can’t wait to see what’s rattling inside.


Ok, so this little guy a Bubble Bar. What is a Bubble Bar? A Bubble Bar is something you you crumble into the bath instead of dropping it right in. His name is The Christmas Penguin. He was too cute to pass up and with bergamot scents I had to get him.


Is this a wand? Yes, yes it is. This holiday fairy wand is a REUSABLE bubble bar called The Magic of Christmas. The would make a fabulous gift this year especially with that adorable bell and red ribbon. With almond, cinnamon, and orange oils, this will be used to warm up on a chilly night.


Angel baby. On the back of her is a layer of beautiful gold glitter. This bath melt is called Snow Angel. I normally prefer eating chocolate and not putting it on my body, but this bath melt has a very natural cocoa butter scent that’s pretty nice. My skin gets very dry like a lot of people in the winter months. I’m hoping this moisturizing bath melt with soothe my parched skin.


Even though this one is not part of the holiday collection this year, I had to pick it up. Why? Because this might be my favorite bath bomb ever. It has a very warm musky scent, that I think will pair well with a glass of wine and a good book. This bath bomb is called Lord Of Misrule. It is full of an herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper. It has quite a unique blend that I think deserves a sniff the next time you are at Lush.


xx, Alyssa




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