The Ordinary Coverage Foundation | Review

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation, 2.0N, $6.90

Again, I am back with another Deciem product! They released this foundation last year and it got extremely popular so quickly that it was sold out and backordered for months!  I understand why as this guy has been a major contender against high end formulas. Which is crazy if you look at the price tag of $6.90. I mean…this is cheaper than a lot of drugstore options. I got my hands on one this fall and here is my honest review. With 21 shades with multiple undertones to chose from, The Ordinary makes it easy to find your shade.


I use 2-3 drops on my beauty blender and gently dab this into my skin. I carefully make sure to blend into my jawline/ears/upper neck. This color is currently too dark for me so I make sure their is no line of demarkation. The finish is semi-matte which as you know I have to set. Now this is a full-coverage foundation so just one application is enough. This looks great if you are looking for a flawless complexion for a special event or if your like me and just love high coverage foundations.


This 1 fl. oz. is in a thick plastic pump bottle. It is quite small but for $6.90 you can’t really complain. The matte black pump does get dirty similarly to NARS cosmetic packaging.


This oil-free formula has a similar feel to The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation, but contains higher pigment levels for a full-coverage look. This foundation does contain a SPF 15 which is great in addition to your daytime moisturizer. The formula is not cakey or heavy and covers large pores and any hyperpigmentation. I do enjoy the blendability of this product and will definitely keep on hand as one of my top foundations for daily use. *Make sure to lightly shake the formula before use.

What is your favorite foundation at the moment? Do you splurge on your base or use drugstore alternatives?






  1. Im so excited to hear about this ever since your first post with The Ordinary ive wanted to get my hands on this brand!! I have to try this! what shade did you get that was too dark? Im not good at picking out skin tones online.

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    1. I got 2.0N and it was too dark. For you, I would say 1.1N or 1.2N. Most likely 1.2N. The N is for neutral so you could also choose Y(yellow) or P (pink) if you prefer. If I were you, I would order a couple shades to try out or mix them together to find your perfect match! LMK what you think of it, I am excited to hear!


    2. Okay so its been just about 2 months of using this and i have no joke gotten more compliments of my face makeup looking really good than ever for any other brand i have used. I love this stuff. I feel as it stay on pretty well too. The Oil Freeness of this is something im thankful for because im already a little on the oily side and this doesn’t make me look like im a constant sweat lol . It hasn’t given me any problems acne wise, some i just break out like crazy at the end of the day when i take off my face. I ordered the 1.1N and 1.2N. i wear the 1.2N majority of the time, but sometimes i mix them. The 1.2N matches me pretty damn perfect so thank YOU for your help!! xoxox love this stuff!!


    3. This comment makes me SO happy! I am so glad you ordered both colors because you never know with foundations. ALSO, you know it’s a great product when other people notice and give you compliments. That is like the best thing in the world. My favorite part about this foundation is that it is cheaper than most drugstore brands.

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